BRAND NEW! Celebrity Trading Game
SilentManager have teamed up with Australia’s largest ‘Entertainment’ website, NineMSN to launch our first ever celebrity trader game: ‘Fixated’

How does it work and who plays it?
Unlike our traditional fantasy sport games, this product has been predominantly played by 16 – 30 year old females. Similar to the hugely popular BBC Celebdaq –all you have to do is earn cash out of your celebrity stock!

It’s been six months since our last communication and without wishing to add another ‘spam’ mail to your inbox – as we have worked with you; we thought it would be useful updating you on developments within the fantasy games industry and some of our own product developments.

We’ve witnessed a huge growth in fantasy football games not only in the UK but in some of the emerging markets; we are now working successfully in Thailand and SE Asia aswell as Australasia and Europe.

So fresh off the ‘SilentManager press’ we bring you;

• Fantasy Sports and Social Networking
• BRAND NEW Celeb trading game
• Industry News
• New Client Wins

Only 15 months old and SilentManager Australia has very much established itself within the Aussie and Asian fantasy games market. We have witnessed some huge client wins over the last 3 months, some of which include;

• MSN Asia
• ESPN Star
• Sky Sports NZ
• NineMSN Australia

BRAND NEW! Fantasy Games meet Social Networking tools...

Is this something that interests you? We now have our own application which integrates fantasy game content with Facebook. The application enables users to create a personal profile which includes their fantasy team and league information. This has been implemented with the objective of increasing awareness of our client’s fantasy games amongst existing social networking communities.

Features include;

• Your Team on your profile page
• Your Mini-league on your profile page
• League table of top 20 teams

Importantly – all Facebook content links back to our clients website – so driving and returning traffic back to our client sites.

Get in contact with your account manager for more information.

Despite the shrinking economy and the doom and gloom of the credit crunch you may be interested to hear of the expected growth of fantasy game players over the next few years. have predicted that the numbers of players, in the US alone, to be 33.3 million in 2008, 38.4 million in 2009, 44.1 million in 2009 and 50.7 million in 2010.

What does this mean for online marketing?

As content we are confident that fantasy games are not just a ‘fad’, but are increasingly becoming a staple part of consumer’s activity online. Increasingly brands can, and are, identifying that the games are a ‘means to an end’ at engaging their existing and possible customers in a measurable and cost-effective way.

With the Premiership in full swing and the Euro behind us the sporting calendar for 2009 is dominated by Rugby and Cricket.

The Six Nation’s tournament starts in February and then straight on the back of this we have the British & Irish Lions Tour. Cricket wise: England host the Australians in July 09 for a return of the Ashes – which with Test series against the West Indies at the start of the year provides the interest!

Not forgetting the F1 2009 season (made interesting again with Lewis Hamilton), Tennis, Golf and MotoGP. To find out about running your own fantasy game, contact us;

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